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The Ultimative Water Craft Carrier


Use this Lockrack-Set for Kayak, Canoes or Fishing Skis

Stand up Paddle

See the different options for transporting your SUP’s

Surf Boards

Carry your Short Boards, Long Boards or Windsurf Boards


Transport Surfskis, Paddle Boards or other Watercrafts

Smart, Secure and Strapless

Lockrack is a simple way to load and lock up your water craft on any roof rack system. Lockrack system enable single person handling even in extreme windy conditions.

All Lockrack materials are rust-resistant, rugged and recyclable. High-grade aluminium, brass and stainless steel handle all weather.

12 months warranty on factory faults or defective workmanship/materials. Components built by “Extreme Manufacturing”, at ISO 9000 compliant company.