We’re glad to announce that Lockrack is now available on the Surfboss Online Shop. On www.surfboss.eu you get the newest range of surfboard and surf accessories.

Lockrack is slowly but surely expanding in the European Market: After having gained a foothold in the German SUP sector and the French and Spanisch Surf community and having occupied an important place in the French Surf Life Saving industry, Lockrack continues to spread in the Scandinavian Countries as well as in the eastern European countries.

In Germany, the Lockrack clients are mainly SUP and SUP Racing enthusiasts. With the 45cm Racing SUP Set or/and the 50cm Racing SUP Set our customers can easily transport their Racing Boards to the SUP Races all over Europe. The 50cm Single SUP Set is an Allrounder and very popular in the German market.

In France and Spain, Lockrack was able to gain a foothold in the Surfing Community. Customers like to transport their Surfboards on the classic 25cm Surfboard Set or the new 35cm Surfboard Set and the possibility to prevent your board from getting stolen while having a cool After-Surf bear at the Beach Bar is highly appreciated. Both in France and in Spain, Lockrack is being used by Surf Life Saving Organizations and Associations. The 45cm Surf Ski Set has proven to be a perfect tool to transport the Surf Skis and a lot of customers use the same Set up to transport their Racing Board or/and Nipper Board.

In the Nordic and Scandinavian countries as well as in the eastern European countries Lockrack is slowly getting more and more attention from the Kayak/Canoe enthusiasts. The more narrower Kayaks/Canoes fit perfect onto the 50cm Kayak Set and the bigger watercraft is being  transported on the bigger 65cm Kayak Set.

With the addition of the new distribution channel via Surfboss (www.surfboss.eu) Lockrack continues to conquer the European market! We’re glad that Lockrack found a place on the virtual shelves of this Online Surf Shop that is selling more than 300 high quality surf products from all over the world to all the EU countries.

The Surfboss Team is passionate about ocean board sports and the lifestyle associated with them. Besides Lockrack, Surfboss is selling high performance Surfboards and Accessories made in South Africa from Hurricane Surf , Soft Surfboards from Ocean Storm, Boogie Boards, Clothing and Sun Cream and a lot more. Check out their page and find the perfect match to your Lockrack Set!