This is the fanciest Summer must-have for all the water enthusiasts, who just want to get into the water as quick as possible!

It’s lunchtime and you feel like going for a quick paddle on the lake or a short surf with your Longboard. Sounds great but it takes a small eternity to get your SUP/Surf Board on the roof of the car. You fiddle around with the straps while the Board is blown off and it feels like you’ve been walking around the car about twenty times to make sure your Board is held firmly in place. Or you even have to ask your Boyfriend/Friend/Brother/Father/etc. to help putting the SUP on the car because it’s too bulky to handle. You’re exhausted from all the hazzle and you finally realize that lunch break is already over.

Not with Lockrack! Check out our newest Video and you’ll see how Lockrack helps you to have more time for what you love most. Even for smaller Girls, it is now so easy to quickly put one or even two SUPs on the roof of your car, without help. It’s quick, safe and easy.

Lockrack fits on any car and any roof rack system. It works for big and bulky SUPs as well as for delicate Surfboards. You can carry one or two SUPs or even up to three Surfboards. You can leave your Watercraft on your car while having a Beer or a glass of Vine at the Beach. Your Board is locked up. You can transport your Boards with or without Board-Bag and you can easily pack the Lockrack Arms away when not in use. The Lockrack Arms and Bases are interchangeable which give you the at most flexibility.

Still not convinced? Well, get more information on our Homepage, check out our Youtube Channel and Instagram Account or just contact us (we speak english, french, german, italian and spanish and are keen to support). You’ll finally find your way to Lockrack. Get it and Go!